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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Re-awaking my need to blog!!!

WOW, I am back, with a fierce sense of sharing my adventure spirit with others! 
The ground is starting to freeze, the air is chilled, and life wants to go dormant.
I am fighting the dormant urge, wanting to cuddle up and check out to restore my spirit.
BUT, alas, it is the time to re-group, research, and organize for the future ahead!
I sound so put together, don't I. Very easy to create that spirit on paper, but putting all my thoughts, and visions into action is the part of this journey I want to share. I feel if I connect with "like minds", I can motivate myself through the spirit of community. 
I have recently re-connected with my sister, and we were observing how we missed our "gab-sessions";  it is such an instrinsic part of our nature. We need connection with others, the exchange of information, frustration and then dream visions. 
SO, I want to invite you formally to my site, to be with me, us; who ever shows up to share. Let's move forward together, and find ways to create and fulfill our dreams, what ever they might be. Welcome!